Where does the tour start and end? 

All tours begin and end at the Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory (AT&SF) located at 330 Tijeras Ave NW, Suite Q - inside the Hyatt Regency. 

How do I get to Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory (AT&SF)? 

Check out our section titled Directions. There are many transportation options. 

Where do I park? 

Don’t let the thought of parking downtown scare you! Street parking in downtown Albuquerque is free at 6 p.m. There is also parking garages nearby. Please plan on arriving early to find parking.

How can I purchase tickets? 

We highly recommend purchasing tickets online and in advance. This is the only way to guarantee your spot on the Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walk. If you’re unable to purchase your tickets online, you can purchase them at the AT&SF Box Office located inside the Hyatt Regency, Suite Q, or the Hold My Ticket Box Office (112 2nd St. SW). You can also call us at 505-200-2642 to purchase your ticket over the phone.

Are tickets refundable? 

No. However, tickets are transferable. Please see our General Information & Policies section for more details. 

Does it get cold at night? 

Even though we live in the desert, it still gets very cold in winter. Because of Albuquerque’s high elevation and thin air, the city can cool off pretty quickly at night. We recommend a light jacket and long pants during spring and fall. We strongly encourage jackets, hats and gloves during winter months. 

Is it ever too cold/rainy/snowy to go on a Ghost Walk? 

Tours will only be cancelled if the sidewalks are dangerous and not walkable (snow-packed, icy, etc) or in the case of severe lightning or flooding. If you dress appropriately for the weather, you’ll have a great time! 

How early should I arrive for the tour? 

That depends! If you’ve already purchased your tickets online, arriving 30-minutes early is recommended. Arrive up to 1-hour in advance if you will be purchasing your tickets in person. Please plan on arriving early to find parking and to experience the close-up magic performed by Jordan before the tour departs!

How far do we walk on the tour? 

The Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walk covers 1.3 miles (2.1 km) at a leisurely pace. Please plan to be on your feet for 90 minutes. 

Are there any restrooms on the tour route?

Restrooms are available at the Hyatt Regency but there will not be bathroom breaks once the tour departs.

What should I bring on the tour? 

We recommend comfortable walking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, a camera, a bottle of water and an open mind! 

Is the tour route accessible? 

Yes. We stay on sidewalks, streets and other paved areas that are accessible by wheelchairs and electric scooters. While accessible, these areas may also include uneven surfaces.

Will we see any ghosts on the tour? 

Every tour is different. We can’t guarantee a paranormal encounter, but plenty of Albucreepy-goers have had spooky experiences on our tours. Even without a sighting, the Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walk is filled with enough spine-chilling content to give you goosebumps. 

I don’t believe in ghosts. Should I go on this tour? 

Yes! This tour is based in the history of downtown Albuquerque. We go out of our way to make sure everyone has a great time, not just those who believe in ghosts. 

Will we be going inside any buildings? 

Just one - the Hyatt Regency. It's also the home of AT&SF. Most of the other buildings on the tour are still inhabited. As you walk past these historic buildings, your guide will reveal the stories of their reported hauntings and paranormal activity. 

Can I take pictures? 

Yes! Not only will you get great opportunities to photograph historic downtown Albuquerque, you may even capture an image of a ghost or spirit. We recommend flash photography – it’s going to be dark out there! Video and audio recordings are not permitted.

I think I have an apparition in my photo. Can the tour guide take a look at it? 

Should you capture anything creepy in your photo, your guide may be able to analyze it for you. After the tour, you can share it with us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Use the hashtag #ALBUCREEPY & #TourABQ.  You can also send it to us via email at info@atsfworks.com.

My tour guide was attempting to record EVP (electronic voice phenomena) on the tour. How do I find out if he captured anything? 

Send us an email at info@atsfworks.com with the date of your tour and we'll let you know. 

Is it safe to walk around downtown after dark? 

Yes. Although the stories of Albuquerque’s haunted past are filled with spooky characters, modern downtown Albuquerque is a vibrant, busy place that is well maintained by the City. Our tour route is designed to take you away from the noise and traffic of downtown, but we will never take you anywhere we would not feel comfortable going ourselves. 

Is food or drink allowed on the Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walk? 

Yes. We especially recommend bringing bottled water. It’s best to eat a light dinner before the tour so that you have enough energy to walk for 1.3 miles. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. 

Can I bring my dog on the Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walk? 

Yes! Well-behaved, friendly pets and service animals are welcome on the tour. Scaredy cats must stay home!

Can I bring my kids on the Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walk? 

Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walks are rated PG-13 due to the creepy subject matter. We strongly suggest that young children not attend. Disruptive children may be asked to leave without a refund.